I have a great appreciation for the artistic skills of the Huichol Indians of Jalisco, Mexico. The patterns they create are applied to various materials and are vibrant and complex. I have collected Huichol art for 16 years, picking up a few pieces each year when I spend part of my winter in Puerto Vallarta. Thinking these beautiful patterns would look great on a thimble, about 8 years ago I took thimble blanks with me and arranged to have them beaded by a wonderful Huichol married couple. They have continued to craft thimbles for me, making a new supply each year. The Huichol art form is practiced in a very limited area of Mexico, by the Huichol Indians of Jalisco, and the Cora Indians in Nayarit (the state north of Jalisco). In 2011 I asked the artists to craft thimble using the Yarn Art technique. The link to these thimble is below. To these natives, their art is considered sacred and their designs relate to their religious symbols. To my knowledge, these are the only Huichol thimbles anywhere in the world. The colors and designs are amazing, truly a treasure to enjoy for many years.

Because the beads are embedded in beeswax, a soft natural product, I would not recommend displaying them in a window where they would be exposed to the hot sun for long periods. For quite a few years I lived in warm desert climate and never had a problem but to me it seems only sensible that you would not want to do this.

The glass beaded thimbles below are $7.50 each.


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